Nighthawk Parents of Student/Athletes:

This week the Colorado High School Athletic Association, CHSAA, along with State Health Officials decided to move the start date for Winter Sports from February 1st to January 18th.  Our League, the NCIL, Athletic Directors met.  We all would like to provide an opportunity to have athletics at the Middle School level.  We decided on the following seasons start and end dates:

Volleyball 1/19-2/19

Boys Basketball 2/22-3/26

Girls Basketball and Boys Soccer 3/29-4/30

Track and Girls Soccer 5/3-5/26

Game schedules have not been finalized yet. As soon as they are I will communicate this with you.

Also, there will, more than likely, be games on Saturdays for all sports.

I'll keep everyone informed as to game schedules and any other changes that might happen.

Let me know if you have questions.