Hawk Walk 2021

Hawk Walk FAQ's


It is the biggest fundraiser for NVCS PTO. It is similar to a jogathon. The kids are encouraged to raise money from family, friends or neighbors; this can be done as a one-time donation or per lap (paid out at the end of the event).


PTO and NVCS principals work together to decide on a “big ticket” purchase. It changes each year based on the needs and wants of the faculty/staff/school. This year we are raising money to buy tablets (and associated accessories) for the teachers. These devices will aid in their efficiency when testing students.

With this fundraising event, and all subsequent fundraising opportunities, any funds that exceed the amount needed to purchase the big ticket item will be saved and used to help fund: costs of other PTO sponsored events, special teacher requests throughout the year, meals for the staff during parent/teacher conferences and teacher work days, and any other ways that PTO decides to support our amazing staff at NVCS.


The event will take place on Oct 1. But, there is a lot that goes on leading up to that day.


We are seeking corporate sponsorships to help offset the costs associated with running the event, this will allow us to bring in as much money as possible. If you or someone you know would like to be a corporate sponsor, please contact PTO ASAP. Deadline for a corporate sponsorship to receive recognition is September 24th. Check out this flyer.


The reasons are two-fold. We are using a new, third-party organization to help us with the event this year. They are a racing organization and will provide racing bibs that each student will wear to track their laps. We are super excited about this! Secondly, we will be able to collect donations online. This is will streamline the collection process and make it easier for us when making final counts per individual.

Get your child(ren) registered!!


There are several things that you can do to help.

Help find sponsors, we are seeking corporate sponsorships and/or grand prize donations. If your company is interested in being a corporate sponsor, please contact PTO ASAP. (sponsorship are due by 9/24 for recognition)

Be a parent volunteer on the day of the event. Parent spectators will not be allowed as a precautionary measure to COVID19; volunteering at the event will be the only way to watch your child perform and will be available on a first come first serve basis when the sign-up genius is released.

Help sort prizes after the event (10-15 people)

Decorate the bulletin board (2-4 people)

Help make balloon arches (9 people)

Please contact PTO ASAP if you would like to help in any of the above areas, besides the day-of event, email us at pto@newvisioncharterschool.org


In the past we have intermixed the campuses and grades in an effort to help promote community amongst the students. However, out of an abundance of caution in our event planning during this time of COVID19 our structure will be a little different. In order to hold this event on just one day and during the school hours and to give adequate time for all participants, we will have 2 combined grades from the same campus and we will have staggered start times.

Should COVID cases be on the rise and we need to space the classes out, we have a secondary date already booked for the following week, this will allow us to separate the grades.