1. Why Teacher-Parent Communication is Important

    Communication between parents, teachers, and students has always been important. With the majority of students learning from home, participating in remote learning, it is more important than ever. Communication acts as a bridge to engagement, and ultimately, strong parent partnerships. During this time, parents and teachers are both facing new obstacles that can feel overwhelming, as both parties …Read More

  2. How Parents Can Help Improve Successful Online Learning

    There is no doubt that our lives are vastly different to what they were a year ago. The emphasis on staying home and staying safe is extending to encompass the demands of education, but for a good reason. Now more than ever, it is important to value the safety of our children, their educators, and parents too! This change, however, is huge for many households and shouldn’t be downplayed. The swi…Read More

  3. Get Ready For Summer Reading!

    It may not feel like it quite yet, but summer is getting closer and closer. Are you ready for longer days, weekend trips, and staying up late? Your kids probably are! Even though there will be plenty of time for having fun and doing all of your favorite summer activities, it’s important for kids of all ages, including parents with a child-like spirit, to keep learning throughout the year, not ju…Read More

  4. 3 Fun Outdoor Learning Activities For Spring

    Even though the weather in Northern Colorado doesn’t quite warm up until mid to late April, spring is, in fact, here! So on the next warm (and hopefully dry) day, and if your family is feeling a little stir-crazy being stuck in the house for weeks, get outside and explore! Northern Colorado is a great place to spend time outside and the staff at New Vision Charter School in Loveland believes tha…Read More

  5. How Parents Can Stay Sane With Kids at Home

    In our last post, we went over some tips on managing a new schedule and how to teach kids at home while our charter school is closed until March 27th. However, the staff at New Vision also recognize that many parents still need to work full-time jobs while their kids are running around the house. Managing these responsibilities can undoubtedly add a lot of stress, which clearly isn’t something t…Read More

  6. Tips For Teaching Kids at Home

    With schools closed and kids stuck at home, there are parents across the country who never thought that they would have to teach their kids full time, let alone try to complete their own work from home at the same time. Managing a new schedule while also trying to learn how to teach, keeping the kids busy and motivated, and trying not to stress out too much about the virus going around will be inc…Read More

  7. COVID-19 School Closure

    Over the past several days, Thompson School District staff and New Vision Charter School have been closely monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 coronavirus within our community and region. Out of an abundance of caution, Thompson School District and New Vision Charter School will be extending its Spring Break period and will be closed from Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. All sch…Read More

  8. Why Core Knowledge is Important

    When your child is approaching school age, you probably do a lot of research into schools. You'll look at their neighborhood school, as well as other public schools, such as schools of choice, and private schools. You'll take note of their philosophy and the curriculum they use to teach the students that go there. In this respect, many parents have heard of Core Knowledge, but they may not know wh…Read More

  9. Encouraging a Distressed Student

    Middle school can be pretty complicated and tough for any student. Not only are they trying to succeed in their classes, but they are also learning to make friends and figure out the world around them. When going through difficult times, it can be incredibly discouraging for them and make them lose hope in a positive year. There is nothing more heartbreaking for a parent than to see their child in…Read More

  10. Helping Your Young One Set New Year’s Resolutions

    It’s pretty incredible that the year is coming to a close. It seems like we blinked and now 2020 is just around the corner. While this is, of course, the holiday season and a wonderful time to spend quality moments with your family, it is also a great time to reflect on your past year and to set goals for your future. While adults tend to make plans to hit the gym more, eat healthier, or achieve…Read More