It’s pretty incredible that the year is coming to a close. It seems like we blinked and now 2020 is just around the corner. While this is, of course, the holiday season and a wonderful time to spend quality moments with your family, it is also a great time to reflect on your past year and to set goals for your future. While adults tend to make plans to hit the gym more, eat healthier, or achieve success in their career, it does not mean that resolutions for the new year are only meant for the grown-ups! Here at New Vision K-8 Charter School in Loveland, we want to encourage you to help your little one set goals for the upcoming year in this blog post! If you would like to learn more or you are looking to enroll your child in classes, then feel free to reach out to us today!

Be a Role Model

Especially at this young age, your child looks up to you as their hero. They want to follow in your footsteps and are watching your actions to learn how they can do this. This includes your hygiene, work etiquette, health habits, and yes, how committed you are in achieving the goals that you set out for yourself. So this means you have to set an example when it comes to New Year’s resolutions so that they understand that, not only at the beginning of a new year but whenever they set goals for themselves, that they need to stick to it. This will not only help them out during their time in school but all throughout their lives as well.

Provide Them With Suggestions

Along with being a role model while they set goals, it is also important for you to guide them in deciding what goals they should hope to reach in the upcoming years, whether it is making more friends or getting an A in their science class. The important thing here is for you to help make suggestions, but avoid dictating their decisions. Of course you have things that you would like your kiddo to work on, but you need to help them learn how to plan their own goals so that they will be more accustomed and better at it in the future. This will help show them the importance of self-reliance and self-discipline.

Celebrate Their Achievements of the Past Year

The best way to help them prepare them for the future is to celebrate the successes that they have had in the past year. Sit down with them and talk about some of the accomplishments that they are proud of, big and small. Then help them to realize what they can achieve through hard work and dedication. This will make looming goals for the new year seem easy to reach if they just focus and stay determined.

Help Them Keep Their Goals Realistic

As you well know, your child has a pretty incredible imagination. Through their minds, they have the ability to create their own world, no matter where they may be! Whether they are pirates exploring the seven seas or a detective solving a seemingly impossible case, it is a wonder what their creativity can come up with. This is a great part of their childhood and should be encouraged! However, when it comes to setting goals, they may come up with a few that are a bit unrealistic and out of reach. 

For example, they could say that one of their goals is to become an astronaut and go to space. Obviously, this isn’t going to happen while they are in grades K-8 at our charter school. These ambitions should not be discouraged, but instead, you should have them set baby steps that correlate with their big dream. If they would like to be an astronaut in the future, then tell them that in order to get there, they need to do well in their science and mathematics classes. Have their goal be to get A’s in these courses, or even join the Science Club.

Make The Goals Measurable

After narrowing down their list of resolutions, make sure that you write them all down. It would be best to do this on a schedule or create a plan of accountability and an area when they can check off a certain goal that they have reached. If you fail to write down the plan, then it’s more than likely that your child, and even you, will forget exactly what their list consists of. Have your little one write out a plan that works best for them, whether this is a detailed journal or even just a drawing that reminds them of their goal. Following this, make sure that you are checking in on their progress but don’t be overbearing. If they begin to look at their resolutions as rules or homework, then they are not going to be as motivated to achieve them. One way that you can help is by providing them with all of the encouragement that they need and be sure to congratulate them when they reach a goal or even when they make little steps toward it. Also, let them know when you’ve hit your goals as well so they know that you didn’t give up either.

So start talking with your young one about their New Year’s resolutions today and start writing out their plans! If you have any questions for our charter school in Loveland or are curious if New Vision is the right school for them, then give us a call today! We know that they will love it here!