Wow. Summertime sure does seem to fly when you have snowstorms all the way into May! But yes, surprisingly it is time to start getting ready to send your child back to school. This fact likely causes groans from the young ones (and possibly a little celebration from you), but like it or not, it is that time of year again! Whether your young one is brand new to middle school or not, there is always a little preparation that must take place to have them mentally ready to return to classes. Not to mention the fact that you parents likely have some things you need to take care of as well. 

Here at New Vision Charter School in Loveland, we’ve been getting ourselves ready and we can’t express just how excited we are to greet our new and returning students! In this blog post, we want to provide you with a few tips on preparing yourself and your little loved one for the upcoming year. If you have any questions about our Core Knowledge School or would like further information on enrolling your child, please feel free to contact us today!

Get to Know the School

If you are new to the area, or your child is just new to our school, you want to help them to get familiar with our charter school, specifically where their classes will be. It can be scary to be in a new place with new people and not have the slightest idea of where to go or who to turn to. We highly recommend taking advantage of any orientation events that we offer. This will not only be beneficial for your child but for you as well. You’ll get to know their teachers and have a better idea of where they will be getting their education. 

School Shopping!

More than likely, your child is growing ridiculously fast at the moment and the clothes that you got them last year might be a little tight. If that isn’t the case, don’t count the lack of a growth spurt. There are also many styles that have become “hip” ever since the end of the last year and you know that your young one has to dress to impress on the first day! There are also the school supplies that they will need for the year that you have to get. If your child is not excited about the school year beginning, they can at least be excited about back to school shopping with you. Afterall, who doesn’t like new things! If they’re a little bit nervous about the year, this is one way to calm their nerves a bit.

Become Involved

We love having parents involved in school activities. Okay, no you can’t sit in the classroom during the school year, there is a limit! But we do throw multiple events and functions and are always asking for help! Plus, it will be a great way for you to get to know the other parents and be involved in our Loveland community. 

Let Them Know That You Are There For Them

For children, especially for middle schoolers, the idea that everyone else gets the jitters doesn’t seem to hit home. They get an assumption that everyone else is raring to go while they have a bad case of the butterflies. This time in their life is a little bit difficult for parents. Your child wants to know that you are there for them and always will be, but at the same time, they are entering their teen years, and we all know how that can be. They want a feeling of independence, while also knowing that they can turn to you whenever they are having troubles. 

This is also difficult for you parents. That is your baby and you don’t want to see them begin their transition into adults. Stay strong, parents! It’s inevitable that this stage is going to happen. Just take solace that they aren’t in their high school years of angst yet! 

Get Them Excited 

We know that, as parents, it can be a little bit difficult to get them excited about school considering that they just spent a couple of months swimming, running, playing with friends, and going on adventures. How in the world can you get them excited about class? It may be difficult, but remind them that they will be making new friends and learning exciting new things throughout the year. To give them a little further incentive, let them know that if they keep their grades up and stay out of trouble, that they will be rewarded throughout the year. This could either be a family vacation, a trip to the Denver aquarium, etc. Keep reassuring them that it is not as bad as their thoughts are making it out to be. School is a great time! 

Adjust Their Schedule

It’s highly probable that during the summer your little one did not stay on the same schedule like the one they have while they are in school. From late-night slumber parties to sleeping in, to enjoying the option of taking a nap during the day — if you haven’t begun to get them prepared for their school schedule, then they are probably going to be thrown for a loop when classes begin. We know that there isn’t much time left to prepare them for this, but we highly suggest that you do your best! Begin waking them up at the time that they will be going to class, keep them up throughout the day, and make sure that they are going to bed at a reasonable time.

Have Patience

Remember that your child is going through a whirlwind of emotions during this time. They are nervous, excited, upset, etc. As you well know as a parent of a middle schooler, this might create some difficult situations. Just remain patient with them. As we mentioned before, let them know that you are there for them, but also give them space to let out their emotions. Everyone will be the better for it. 

Here at New Vision Charter School in Loveland, we just wanted to let you know that we are so excited to welcome the students, see old faces, and meet new ones! We know how important your child’s education is, and we are dedicated to providing them with a safe and comfortable learning environment to get them prepared for the lives that they will lead. If you would like any more information or are interested in enrolling them in class, then please do not hesitate to contact us today!