Classroom Curriculum Maps- Curriculum maps are updated regularly and are expected to reflect what is being taught in the classroom month by month.  


Our curriculum map for kindergarten covers comprehensive skills and knowledge like writing, reading, science, math, geography, and history.

1st Grade

The first-grade curriculum builds upon some of the knowledge that students learn in kindergarten, sharpening phonic skills, and preparing them for the next grade.

2nd Grade

The comprehensive strategy continues to evolve as students continue learning and becoming more comfortable with our curriculum.

3rd Grade

Students in our 3rd-grade classes participate in a variety of fresh concepts as they also continue to build upon past concepts so they are continually prepared for the next grade.

4th Grade

Reading skills are worked upon, introducing new and more challenging books that include non-fiction. Science skills are also more focused.

5th Grade

Children participating in our fifth-grade curriculum are now introduced to economics, taking part in Young Ameritowne to learn a little bit about how our economy works.

6th Grade

Knowledge and skills in science, history, literature, math, writing, and grammar are continued to be improved upon.

7th Grade

To prepare students for more advanced classes in eight-grade and beyond, concepts like algebra are introduced and other concepts like history and science become more advanced.

8th Grade

Our eighth-grade curriculum provides students with a more holistic view of the world through each of our subjects of focus. This curriculum prepares students for high school and the more advanced concepts they will learn beyond our school walls!

Spanish curriculum

Spanish provides a curriculum for students in the first grade through sixth grade, becoming more advanced with each grade level.