What curriculum do we teach?

New Vision Charter School is a Core Knowledge School that also teaches the Colorado state standards in math, reading, writing and science. (Standards can be found here.)   However, our curriculum does not align to the Colorado state standards in social studies, except for fourth grade Colorado History.  This means that while our students will learn the state assessed social studies content during their K-8 education, they may not learn it in the same grade level as the state test expects them to.  We specifically follow the Core Knowledge Sequence (download available) for social studies, in accordance with our Charter School application and implementation guidelines.

Colorado State assessments are designed to test the Colorado State standards, which encompass the Common Core Standards.  Please review the assessment tab to understand more about testing requirements.

Classroom Curriculum Maps- Curriculum maps are updated regularly and are expected to reflect what is being taught in the classroom month by month.  


K-5 Reading and Writing: Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA).  Follow the Core Knowledge content expectations and State Standard skills expectations.

6-8 Reading and Writing: Follow the Core Knowledge content expectations and State Standard skills expectations.

6-8 Spelling/Morphology:  Greek and Latin Roots morphology according to the Core Knowledge Sequence.

K-5 Grammar: CKLA and Colorado State Standard’s expectations.

K-8 Writing: Writer’s Workshop model supported through the Six +1 Traits of Writing and Step Up to Writing Programs.  Every grade level teacher has a minimum of three focused writing pieces aligned to Colorado State Standards and Core Knowledge expectations. These writing pieces are assessed through six-trait rubrics aligned to the standards.

Social Studies and History

K-5 History: Topics are embedded into the CKLA curriculum.

6-8 History: Follows the expectations of the Core Knowledge Sequence.


K-5 Math: Eureka  and    Zearn

6-8: From Pre-Algebra through Geometry: CPM