Questions relating to enrollment should be directed to the Registrar at New Vision Charter School at (970) 593-6827.   Inquiries may also be submitted through the contact link.

Enrollment Explanation

New Vision Charter School has a high demand for enrollment, with more students desiring to attend than New Vision can accommodate due to space and class size limitations.

Parents who are interested enrolling their child(ren) for the 2019-20 academic year should contact the Registrar‘s office at 970.593.6827.

Potential candidates for enrollment are processed in random lottery where each candidate has an equal chance of being selected.  A lottery process is utilized, which creates the wait list.  When openings occur, the wait list is referenced to fill the openings.  Parents are notified by telephone and by email if there is an opening and their child is next on the wait list to apply.   Per policy, parents must respond within 48 hours regarding their interest in the available opening.

Parents of potential students must re-submit an “Intent to Enroll” form every academic year to place their child’s name on the wait list.  The 2019-20 forms are available through the school office.  Another option is to re-submit by emailing the Registrar at  The email should contain the parent(s) name(s), name of the child(ren), grade in 2019-20 year, address, parent(s) email and parent(s) telephone/cell numbers. This only applies to parents who have submitted an “Intent to Enroll” form in the past.

If a student is enrolled at NVCS , he/she does not participate in the lottery for their remaining academic years of continuous enrollment at New Vision.

There are categories in which enrollment candidates are exempt from the lottery process, examples include children of the NVCS founding members, siblings of currently enrolled students, and children of NVCS employees.

Non-discrimination Notice