Summer is winding down and school is right around the corner. For many families this is a busy time of year as vacations are taken, sports are starting, and the summer schedule is about to come to an end. Getting prepared for the start of a new school year can help you be more organized, less stressed, and give your kids a great beginning!

Sleep Schedule

Chances are, your kid’s summer routine looks quite a bit different from their school-year schedule. Staying up later, enjoying the extended daylight hours, and sleeping in later are all common summertime luxuries. However, it can be a rude awakening (literally) on the first day of school if your child is used to sleeping in, and you have to drag them out of bed. Starting in the weeks before school to get on a more regular schedule can help immensely when that first day rolls around. Turning off the TV, reading a book to get everyone sleepy, or letting kids read in their beds are all ways to turn back the clock and start establishing better sleep patterns. Hopefully on that first morning it won’t be quite as hard to get your kids out of bed and off to school.

Stock Up On Supplies

You don’t want to wait until the night before school to get all the necessary items together for the big first day. While you might not need every notebook, pencil, and binder during the first week, buying your school supplies early ensures that you won’t be stuck searching multiple stores for items that are sold out. Plus, being organized can help your kids feel less stressed about the start of school, and getting their supplies ready can make them feel prepared for the new school year. Make sure that they have a backpack that fits well, and can accommodate their books, lunchbox, and a jacket.

Make Sure Clothes Still Fit

It’s a funny thing how quickly kids grow. Those school clothes that fit so well at the end of third grade may be suspiciously short and tight on the first day of fourth. Nothing will ignite a meltdown on the first day of school like finding that your child has nothing to wear (especially if you have a school uniform or dress code). The same goes for shoes, as many kids spend the whole summer barefoot or in flip flops only to find that their school shoes are two sizes too small in the fall. Don’t wait until the night before, have your kids try on their shoes and clothes and figure out what fits and what needs to be replaced. You will alleviate everyone’s stress by getting the clothes they need well before the first day.

Meet Teachers and Find Classrooms

There are often opportunities to meet your child’s teacher and visit their new classroom before school starts. Kids love knowing what is going on, and meeting their teachers gives them reassurance that the first day won’t be completely unfamiliar. If your child is going to a brand new school, visiting before the first day and walking around can help them feel comfortable with where their classroom, the bathrooms, the cafeteria, and the nurse’s office are. Even as adults we like to go into new ventures with some knowledge of what is going to happen, and kids are no different.

Have a Backup Plan

If you will always be picking up your little one from school, or greeting them when they walk home, it is good to have a backup plan. On a morning that you wake up sick, or just one of your kids is sick, it is nice to know someone that can pick up your other kids and deliver them safely to school. Likewise, when school releases there are bound to be days when you are late getting home, stuck in traffic, or have a malfunction with your car. Knowing other parents that you can call, or neighbors who can greet your children gives you peace of mind that even if unexpected events come up your children will be taken care of on the way to school, and the way home.

Doing all of these things will help the first day of school to be a little less stressful. The best thing you can do in the days leading up to the start of school is be positive and excited for your kids as they enter a new year with a new teacher and new challenges. Your kids will pick up on your attitude, so show them you are excited for their upcoming year! If you are looking for a great elementary or middle school in Loveland, New Vision Charter School is a great choice—contact us today!