There is no doubt that our lives are vastly different to what they were a year ago. The emphasis on staying home and staying safe is extending to encompass the demands of education, but for a good reason. Now more than ever, it is important to value the safety of our children, their educators, and parents too! This change, however, is huge for many households and shouldn’t be downplayed. The switch to online learning has brought hardship along with it as parents and children face challenges they may not have with traditional schooling, like little to no access to wifi or no technological resources to do the online schooling. 

As we all do our best to get a firm grip on the pandemic, it is crucial that we do what we can, which means understanding or learning effective principles of transitioning your children into an online mode of learning. We understand that many families still struggle with making this transition, but New Vision is here to help. Contact us if you have inquiries about the switch to remote learning — we are passionate about teaching your kids just as we are passionate about their safety.  

Build a Schedule

Traditional school days provided your child with a lot of structure that enabled them to ease into their everyday educational obligations. This structure can be rather difficult to replicate in online learning days. While this new structure may offer the flexibility that allows some students to flourish, it may bring on new challenges, or emphasize past challenges for others. It is very important that students, with the help of parents, build a new routine that allows them to effectively manage their time and stay on track. 

A well-thought-out schedule can help students feel like they have more control over their situation, and may even provide them with some sense of direction and normalcy. Parents are encouraged to sit down with their students and intentionally discuss what they are responsible for accomplishing with their online course work on a daily or weekly basis, and how much time those tasks may take. 

When building a schedule, it is crucial to get the teacher involved so they may offer their own insights, expectations about the curriculum, and how much time may need to be budgeted for their class. This will help both parents and kids know what to expect as they move forward with the school year. Once these schedules are complete, hang them up in a visible place to help you and your child be accountable for maintaining this routine. 

Access to a Learning Environment 

The right workspace can make a huge difference in a student’s mindset and ability to focus. If you are a parent that worked from home before, or is a remote worker, then you know how important this is. Student’s may have more flexibility when it comes to online learning, which means that it is imperative that they have access to an environment that will operate as an effective studying space. Whether you are making this space, or thinking of spaces for them to go, like the public library, it may be beneficial to think about their personality and needs. 

If your child thrives on quiet, make sure they have access to a quiet place that allows them to focus. Maybe your child is a bit more hands on and needs more interaction — a chair and table in the kitchen may be a better option. No matter what the workspace looks like, make sure your child has the right materials and supplies, like pens, pencils, headphones, and a tablet, laptop, or computer that allows them to access their materials digitally.   

Check in With Them

There is no doubt that this time is difficult for everyone. Some families will be affected for more than others by the switch to online classes, and some kids will feel the weight of expectations more than other students. It is so important for parents to talk to their children often, checking in about how they are feeling about the situation in its entirety. Students may feel unmotivated, trying to push through their low energy to get things done, and may feel especially distant from their friends and the excitement of being at school. Look out for red flags with how they are feeling and do your best to support them in any way you can! 

New Vision cares deeply about your student and wants your family to succeed in this transition. For access to remote resources, contact us today, or visit our remote learning page