To:  New Vision Parents/Guardians

From:  NVCS Board of Directors

Date:   February 16, 2018

Subject:  Open 2018-19 Board of Director Positions

NOW is the time to consider a very exciting opportunity to be part of the decision-making process for New Vision.  As a member of the Board of Directors, your life and business experience play an important role, and your opinion and contributions are highly valued.  If you desire to be a member, we invite you to consider running for a position on the Board.

There are two (2) positions opening up in May 2018.  The process is relatively simple, apply for a position and participate in the election process in April. You may also want to attend the orientation session at the March 26th Board meeting at 5:30 pm to ask questions and learn more about what is involved in serving on the New Vision Board of Directors.

 What does serving on the Board entail?  
The Board has control and general management of the affairs, property and business of NVCS. As such, you would work hand-in-hand with school administration and six (6) other board members on tasks such as:

  • Establish and evaluate our academic and school growth strategies
  • Maintain a financially stable operation and ensure our expenses support our mission and vision
  • Work with TSD school board, the Boys & Girls Club and other agencies on matters that  pertain to NVCS
  • Establish school policies that govern the manner in which we operate as an organization
  • Collaborate with our school Principal in establishing standards and best-in-class strategies for continued improvement as a top-tier charter school.


What is expected of a board member?

  • Attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled, monthly Board meetings. (3-4 hours/month)
  • Prepare for the meetings beforehand by reviewing the agenda and Board packet. (1-2 hours/month)
  • Serve as liaison to one of our standing committees (School Accountability/SAC, Finance, Public Relations, Committee of 2 (2-3 hours/month)
  • Participate in additional meetings/discussions with external agencies as required (1-2 hours/month)
  • Attend all-day strategy/goal setting meeting(s) annually (6-8 hours per meeting)
  • Commit to a three-year term


How to apply.

  • Complete and submit the following items by the application deadline date of April 6th
  • Review and agree to uphold the board norms (published here)
  • Complete the online New Vision Board Questionnaire (link here).

What happens next?  Participate in Town Hall Meeting on April 12th in the evening at NVCS.

Additional important dates. Voting opens April 14th and closes April 19th.


There are many important and exciting opportunities the NVCS Board will be tackling over the next few months and years. If you are willing to donate your time for the benefit of quality education, are an effective communicator and a good listener, consider donating your talents and help make New Vision Charter School the best school we can be!