Our Mission

Challenge, encourage, and empower students everyday to persevere on their journey to be lifelong learners.

Our Vision

NVCS is a public school of choice committed to transforming talents to strengths, ideas to actions, and beliefs to character through a creative and challenging learning environment.

Our Values

Teachers will:

  • Facilitate a safe, engaging learning environment
  • Create life-long learners
  • Hold high expectations for themselves and their students
  • Value students as individuals
  • Expand expertise through ongoing professional development and personal learning
  • Encourage positive behavior traits
  • Teach to individual student’s needs
  • Communicate respectfully with parents and students

Students Will:

  • Maximize their potential
  • Respect diversity
  • Develop independent critical thinking skills
  • Accept responsibility for themselves
  • Respect the world around them
  • Obtain fluency in a second language
  • Model exemplary character traits
  • Appreciate the importance of community and volunteering
  • Develop a lifelong love of learning

Parents Will:

  • Value education and understand the critical role they play in student and school success
  • Support children in their academic career
  • Contribute their time and talents to the school
  • Support the school’s mission and vision
  • Understand they are part of a team committed to the success of all children

 Our History

In early February of 2004, a group of parents living in the Loveland, Colorado area began casual conversations about starting a charter school in the Thompson School District (TSD). Those initial conversations soon grew into a grass-roots effort to make a K-8 charter school a reality for students in the Loveland/Berthoud area by Fall 2005. The group proposes a new school called New Vision Charter School (NVCS), and calls itself New Vision Charter School (NVCS) Founding Committee. We are committed to creating and sustaining a school that promotes academic excellence and sets high standards for the personal growth of all its students.

NVCS Founding Committee recognizes that children learn best in an environment in which they feel safe, in which their differences are respected, and in which they are held to high expectations for success. We believe that children thrive in fair, structured, and disciplined surroundings, and that such surroundings can promote the development of values and character. NVCS Founding Committee believes parents want to know their children are safe when they are in school and that they will be treated with respect. We recognize that parents expect their children to learn while in school and to emerge from their educational experience with the knowledge necessary for continued success once they leave NVCS. We encourage and expect parents to be active participants in their child’s education and welcome their input and involvement.

NVCS is committed to maximizing learning and believes that small class size is a crucial part of educational success. There will be approximately 24 students in each kindergarten class 27 in grades 1-8. It is the goal of NVCS to maintain these class sizes. To further expand learning opportunities, NVCS will operate on a longer school day than other Thompson District schools. The day will begin at 8 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. This is approximately 15 minutes longer than the typical District school day. The founding members believe this extra time will have a significant positive impact on the total learning process. See Appendix F for sample school day. The sample illustrates how a typical day might look and how all the subjects would be scheduled to allow for optimum learning. NVCS reserves the right to adapt the District’s yearly school calendar as well, if we determine that doing so will expand educational opportunities.

NVCS Founding Committee believes that our vision is realistic and achievable, as this application demonstrates. We enthusiastically embrace the challenges ahead as we move forward to the realization of this dream.