4th and 5th Grade

Our K-5 Core Knowledge Curriculum continues at the 4th and 5th grade levels. Students continue their educational journey with many real life application opportunities, and hands on activities! Each students' education will be elevated through a challenging and rigorous curriculum that engages students. Students will explore, discover, develop, and grow as they become immersed in the rich Core Knowledge curriculum which is integrated into all subjects. We hold our students to a high academic standards and are always evaluating our practices to ensure that we are staying up to date on research based trends and best practices.

English Language Arts

In 4–5, students are focused on building reading and writing skills as well as knowledge and vocabulary. Across the year students study 8 to 9 content-focused units (including The Middle Ages, Geology, Treasure Island, and Native Americans). Taking 90 minutes per day, the various lessons in each unit include read-alouds; whole-group, small-group, and partner reading; close reading; literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension questions; vocabulary; grammar; writing; morphology and spelling (10–15 words per week); and unit assessments.

~Core Knowledge Foundation


Through the use of Eureka Math we teach units that build upon each other and focus on foundational skills. Even as new concepts are introduced, the overarching theme remains: defining the basic building blocks of mathematical practices. Studying, relating, manipulating, and converting the unit allows students to add, subtract, complete word problems, multiply, divide, and understand concepts like place value, fractions, measurements, area, and volume. Students learn that unit-based procedures are transferable and can thus build upon their knowledge in new ways.

~ Eureka Math


The K–5 Science Sequence (2020), embodies Core Knowledge’s vision of best practices in science instruction and knowledge-based schooling, such as the following: building students’ knowledge of cumulative and coherent core ideas in life, physical, and earth/space sciences, as well as engineering design; developing scientific practices that give students firsthand experience in scientific inquiry, engineering, and technology; and, connecting scientific learning to concepts across various disciplines, such as mathematics and literacy.

~Core Knowledge Foundation

Social Studies 4th Grade:

The 4-5 Social Studies curriculum focuses on important national and world events. The focused topics 4th graders learn about include:

  • Using Maps

  • My Colorado Story

  • World Mountains

  • Medieval Europe

  • Medieval Islamic Empires

  • Early and Medieval African Kingdoms

  • Dynasties of China

  • The American Revolution

  • The United States Constitution

  • Early Presidents

  • American Reformers

Social Studies 5th Grade:

The 4-5 Social Studies curriculum focuses on important national and world events. The focused topics 5th graders learn about include:

  • World Lakes

  • Maya, Aztec, and Inca Civilizations

  • The Age of Exploration

  • The Renaissance

  • The Reformation

  • England and the Golden Age

  • Feudal Japan

  • The Geography of the United States

  • Westward Expansion Before the Civil War

  • The Civil War

  • Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts

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